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Below are some helpful forms and resources pertaining to the State of New Hampshire’s Therapeutic Cannabis Program.

On November 2, 2015, the Therapeutic Cannabis Program will begin to accept applications from potentially Qualifying Patients and Designated Caregivers as part of a pre-registration period. All applications submitted during the pre-registration period must be completed in their entirety, and all required documents and the application fee must be included. As with the regular registration process, you will be notified in writing if your application is incomplete and when your completed application is approved or denied. Note, however, that the Program’s deadlines for notifying you of missing information, for approving or denying your application, and for issuing you a Registry Identification Card will not apply during the pre-registration period.

During the pre-registration period, if your application is approved, a Registry Identification Card will not be issued to you until the ATC you have selected receives authorization from the Program to dispense cannabis (the effective date of the card will be the issue date, not the approval date). The ATCs are expected to become operational in the first quarter of 2016. Once an ATC obtains authorization to dispense cannabis, the regular Program deadlines including the issuance of Registry Identification Cards shall apply for Qualifying Patients who select that ATC and their Designated Caregivers.


General Program Information for Patients

General Program Information for Providers